Newport Beachside Resort
Sunny Isles Beach
" destination bride..."
photography by A Seaside Wedding
Beach Ceremony by A Seaside Wedding
Pharlan Rock Ives was raised near the beautiful beaches in
West Palm Beach, FL.  She attended college at Florida State
University, (Go Noles!) and after graduation moved to
Atlanta, GA.  She is 27 years old and currently lives in
Pittsburgh.  She is finishing up her Masters coursework at
Duquesne University in Education.  Faran and Pharlan met
in Atlanta, GA at a Vision's Nightclub Happy Hour.

Quickly, they found how much they enjoyed each other's
company and began dating.  A few years into the
relationship, Faran moved to Pittsburgh, PA to accept a
position with BNYMellon.  He realized just how much he
loved Pharlan and refused to spend life without her.  They
had been in a long distance relationship for a year when he
decided to propose.
The color theme for the wedding was easy.  They both
shared a love for the color blue, and Pharlan's love for her
South Florida home sparked the Tropical Beach theme.  
Pharlan and Faran wanted a casual, yet elegant touch to
their affair.  They chose a simple blue shade for their maid
of honor, matron of honor, and bridesmaids, yet allowed
them to choose their own personal styles.  

For the best man and groomsman, they paired comfortable,
white cotton dress shirts with a beautiful pattern trim around
the collar and wrist with tan linen pants.  They wanted to
give their guests the feel of being on an island by designing a
tropical flower theme with Sheila from A Royal Affair.  
Sheila put together a beautiful combonation of pink, orange,
green, purple, and blue rose and calla lily assortment.  Sheila
also added sea shells to the tall vases and on the table as
favors for the guests.