Hillsboro Club - Hillsboro Beach
" the great gatsby..."
photography by A Seaside Wedding
planner A Seaside Wedding
The moment I met Kim I could tell she was a bride that had
no idea of how her wedding should look.  

The most interesting and challenging parts of planning a
wedding is getting to know the couple and that’s exactly
what I did.  After meeting with Kim and getting to know
more about her I could tell she was a person who would
love a Gatsby style wedding.  

She immediately fell in love with the idea and the location
we chose for it.  
Her cake was designed around the hat that Audrey Hepburn
wore in the movie  My Fair Lady with black and white
ostrich feathers billowing from the top.  

Peach and white roses accented the table centerpieces in tall
vases, and party favors were handmade chocolates made by
a family member.  

The majestic  lighthouse in the background added to the
statement of making their day perfect!