Ocean Sands Resort - Pompano Beach
" krispy kreme..."
photography by A Seaside Wedding Studios
planner A Seaside Wedding
Love sometimes happens with the most unpredictable timing
and circumstances. It happened to this couple back at the
beginning of 2007. He gave up his hope to find love in his
life and lived day by day without the expectation of
experiencing it. She had just moved to Florida from cold and
windy Chicago, started a new job, moved to a new
apartment and enjoyed sunny and warm weather. In one of
the days at work while making a call she heard a voice on
the other end. The name of the person she was speaking to
was Gabriel. When it came to a first meeting, she chose a
very unconventional place because she did not want to treat
it as a date whatsoever.

What would be a better place to meet than at Krispy Kreme,
she thought! So there they were, two strangers but yet,
while eating warm and melting donuts, they had their first
wonderful conversation which made them feel like they had
known each other forever.
It was followed with the beautiful proposal on the beach at  
sunrise. He asked her first even though her plan was to
purpose to him. The wedding date was set for August and
with the help of the best wedding planner ever, right on the
beach, indeed, and yes, the wedding cake was made of
Krispy Kreme donuts. The pictures were taken to remember
the day by the best photographer, of course, who did not
even mind to follow her to the ocean’s edge when she
decided she wanted a picture there. Two years later he also
kindly responded to this couple’s query to capture the
blessed time of their expectation of their first precious little